Buffalo may take over

The National Hockey League is already very interested in Terry Pegulas (Buffalo Sabres owner) US$ 172 million downtown Buffalo entertainment/hockey complex though the facility is not finished till now.
On Thursday, Gary Bettman, the Commissioner Gary Bettman, told that the league is thinking about the Sabres pitch to relocate the National Hockey Leagues yearly pre draft scouting combine from Toronto to Buffalo.

According to reports, referring to Sabres president, Bettman told that this is something that is being discussed, and he know it is something that Ted Black is vigorously pursuing. It is a work in progress. They have not made any decisions, but they were taking the expression of interest very seriously.

Mr Bettman revealed it in an interview regarding Terry Pegula and the facility he is building. It is called HarborCenter, and it is presently under construction around the street from Sabres arena.

Black told that discussions with the National Hockey League about Buffalo arranging the combine have been already taking place for the last few months. As per reports, Black wrote that the National Hockey Leagues interest in Buffalo is flattering and it is yet another example of the ways that they were attempting to promote Buffalo as well as HarborCenter as an international hockey venue.

The facility would start its operation in October and it would feature 2 ice rinks, eleven locker rooms, classroom space as well as a high performance training place.