Hudson Marks 2,000th Strikeout At Giants’ Win

Hudson was actually baffled when Bruce Bochy, the Giants manager approached him at dugout post Wednesday’s 6th inning.

“He shook hands as we normally do” said Hudson who threw 62 pitches only, was sealed in 1-1 tie along with Rockies & hadn’t done anything that would warrant removal out from the match.

After the manager, the veteran was approached by Giants players for handshakes. The man then gathered that all the congratulations are for his recording of 2,000th strikeout that occurred whilst he slipped the called 3rd hit past opposite starter Morales (Fraklin) to open 6th.

“It simply marks that I have been in the game for quite long now”, remarked Hudson who hit out a couple of more batters finishing with 8 in 8 innings prior to Posey’s 2-run walk-off homer rendered a 4-2 victory for Giants.

“It is a milestone  that I am really proud of”, Tim added in. “I am not exactly considered as a strikeout man yet I am simply happy that got my team a fine chance of winning”.

Tim surely did that in the match against Rockies. He permitted just 4 hits, including Corey’s leadoff homer in 5th inning & appeared determined to break down a personal 4-match home losing trait before Morneau (Justin) stroked a 9th-inning RBI dual-off Giants closer Casilla.

“He simply had a great feel tonight as when to throw attack & when to start nibbling beyond corners”, said Hudson’s catcher Posey.

The Giants’ manager admitted that it was quite tough to lift Hudson before 9th as he had just thrown 87 pitches. However, Tim was very understanding.

“It is a one-run match in 9th inning. It is the right-most call”, noted Hudson. “It did not work out in my case unfortunately but the most important thing is that we won.”